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What Are The Advantages Of Stainless Steel Mesh?

Aug. 28, 2018

(1) Practicality. The development of advanced manufacturing technology for stainless steel mesh is an advanced and applicable manufacturing technology developed for the needs of a specific manufacturing industry. It has a clear demand-oriented characteristic, focusing on producing the best practical effects, with the aim of improving the enterprise's Competitiveness and promotion of national economic growth and upgrading of comprehensive strength.

(2) Advanced. The core of the advanced manufacturing technology of stainless steel mesh is high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, clean and flexible technology. It is developed from the traditional manufacturing process and realizes partial or system integration with new technology. It is an optimized and advanced technology. Manufacturing process.

(3) Systematic. Due to the introduction of microelectronics and information technology, advanced manufacturing technology has become a systematic project that can control the material flow, energy flow and information flow of the production process.

(4) Extensiveness. Stainless steel mesh advanced manufacturing technology is an organic integration of traditional manufacturing technology, information technology, automation technology and modern management technology, covering the whole process from product design, processing and manufacturing to product sales, maintenance and even recycling.

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