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Application Of Nickel Alloy Wire Mesh

May. 23, 2018

Application Of Nickel Alloy Wire Mesh:

1. Heat treatment industry. Such as furnace roller, bell furnace and annealing furnace.

2. Calciner. If it is used to calcine to produce high-performance corundum, chromite is calcined to produce ferrochrome alloy, and nickel used as a catalyst in petrochemical industry is recovered.

3. Chemicals and petrochemicals used to prepare new steam cracked naphtha furnaces for hydrogen production.

4. Automation. Such as catalytic support system, spark plugs.

5. Cleaning equipment for the nuclear industry, such as the removal of nuclear waste.

6. Iron and steel industry. Such as direct reduction of iron ore process, production of titanium sponge.

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Nickel Alloy Wire Mesh


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