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Characteristics of Chromium Nickel Alloy

Aug. 10, 2018

Chromium nickel alloy with good high temperature oxidation resistance. Resistance to chloride stress cracking, high purity water corrosion and alkali corrosion.

For furnace assemblies, chemical and food industries, nuclear engineering and ignition electrodes.

The chemical composition of inconel 600 alloy makes it resistant to a variety of environmental corrosion. A certain amount of chromium in the alloy makes its corrosion resistance superior to that of industrial pure nickel in an oxidizing environment, and the higher nickel content thereof also enables it to maintain a considerable corrosion resistance in a reducing environment. The nickel content of the alloy also gives it excellent corrosion resistance to alkaline solutions. This alloy has equal corrosion resistance to strong oxidizing acid solutions. However, the oxidation of the dissolved air alone is not sufficient to ensure a completely pure state without being attacked by certain concentrations of organic acids from the saturated inorganic acids.

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