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Characteristics Of Hastelloy Mesh

Apr. 26, 2019

As a Hastelloy Wire Mesh Supplier, let's talk about the characteristics and use of Hastelloy mesh screens. Hastelloy mesh is also known as a waterway protector and is usually installed during renovation. The pre-filter belongs to the total pipeline water purification product and is an impurity filtering device that can filter the particle impurities of 40-120 microns to restore the water quality to the factory standard of the waterworks. It is usually installed in the water pipe to any exposed water pipe before the water tap in the home, positive for the water pipe and the wading equipment installed on the water pipe, such as water softener, water purifier, pure water machine or straight drink machine. Pre-protection. The basic pre-filter consists of a filter valve, a stainless steel filter and a filter housing. Although the three components seem simple, they have the mystery that the public does not know.

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