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The Development Process Of Anping Wire Mesh

Sep. 05, 2018

Since the reform and opening up, the county's enthusiasm for the development of the wire mesh industry has been unprecedentedly high, and the Anping wire mesh industry has begun to recover, and wire mesh production has opened a new chapter. On June 24, 1984, the People’s Daily published the first article on the long history and development of Anping Wire Mesh. On September 28 of the same year, “Hometown of Anping Wire Mesh” was broadcasted on CCTV for the first time as news, which greatly enhanced the popularity of Anping Wire Mesh in the country. In 1987, Anping Wire Mesh was selected as a key support industry by the State Science and Technology Commission and included in the National Spark Program. In 1989, the first national wire mesh product ordering conference was held in Anping. Further expanded the impact of the Anping wire mesh. In September 1990, the State Council's Mechanical and Electrical Products Export Office and the State Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade listed Anping as an export base for mechanical and electrical products, which created favorable conditions for the development of the Anping wire mesh industry. In September 1991, Anping County was also the first foreign-funded enterprise in the original Hengshui area - Anfei Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. was built in Anping. In May 1996, the first project in Hebei Province, which was built in the State Planning Commission's project site, invested 200 million yuan in the construction of the wire mesh world, and began to operate in 1998. The annual market transaction volume has reached 3.8 billion yuan. Become the largest distribution center for wire mesh products in the country. On September 8, 1999, China National Hardware Association awarded Anping the title of “Hometown of Chinese Wire Mesh” at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. On October 22, 2002, Anping County was named "China Wire Mesh Industry Base". In September 2004, Anping County was named "China Wire Mesh Production and Marketing Base", which was included in the Anping Wire Mesh Book, marking that Anping Wire Mesh has entered a new stage of rapid development.

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