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How To Avoid Steel Grating Rusting?

Aug. 01, 2018

Steel Grating believes that everyone is familiar with it, especially in factories and construction sites, as well as in parks, stations, car washes and other places around us. Unconsciously, it has been integrated into our daily lives. In the use of steel grating, how to avoid Steel Grating rust should be our biggest concern, then the small series will tell you the answer.

steel grating is made of carbon steel. In order to avoid rust, the product needs to be hot-dip galvanized, which is the hot-dip galvanized Steel Grating currently available on the market. And oxidative rust caused by other substances. In addition, we can also produce steel grating with stainless steel, although the anti-rust effect is good, but the offer is slightly more expensive. In addition, in order to avoid the rust of Steel Grating, we can also use the painting method to deal with, spray anti-rust paint or paint anti-rust paint, in this way to obtain a protective layer to avoid rust.

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How To Avoid Steel Grating Rusting?


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