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What Do I Need To Know To Buy Monel Wire Mesh?

Mar. 14, 2019

What do I need to know to buy Monel Wire Mesh? Tell me the answer today.

The first point: to understand the characteristics of Monel's wire mesh, such as Monel screen hydrofluoric acid and fluorine gas medium with excellent corrosion resistance, also has excellent corrosion resistance to hot concentrated alkali. It is also resistant to corrosion by neutral solutions, water, sea water, atmosphere, organic compounds, etc. An important feature of this alloy is that stress corrosion cracking is generally not produced and the cutting performance is good. The Monel 400 Wire Mesh is organized as a high strength single phase solid solution.

The second point: to understand the performance difference between the different material grades of Monel screen, the specific material selection can also be communicated with professional personnel.

The third point: understand the specifications of nickel-chromium mesh, and determine the specifications according to their own use requirements.

Monel 400 Wire Mesh


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