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Comparison Of Iron Chrome Aluminum Mesh And Nickel Chrome Mesh

Apr. 15, 2019

As an Alloy Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Supplier, we compare the advantages and disadvantages of iron chrome aluminum mesh and nickel chrome mesh from its material selection:

1. Nickel-chromium electric heating wire series main advantages and disadvantages: Advantages: iron-chromium-aluminum electrothermal alloy has high use temperature, the highest temperature can reach 1400 degrees, (0Cr21A16Nb, 0Cr27A17Mo2, etc.), long service life, high surface load and good oxidation resistance High resistivity, low price, etc. Disadvantages: Mainly due to low temperature strength, plasticity increases with increasing use temperature, components are easily deformed, and are not easily bent and repaired.

2. Nickel-chromium electrothermal alloy series main advantages and disadvantages: advantages: high temperature strength is higher than iron chrome aluminum, high temperature is not easy to deform, its structure is not easy to change, plasticity is good, easy to repair, its high emissivity, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance Strong, long life, etc., such as Nickel 200 Alloy Wire Mesh. Disadvantages: Due to the use of the scarce nickel metal material, the price of this series of products is up to several times higher than that of iron-chromium-aluminum, and the use temperature is lower than that of iron-chromium-aluminum.

Nickel 200 Alloy Wire Mesh


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