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How To Properly Select Monel Wire Mesh And Nickel Wire Mesh

Mar. 18, 2019

As a Monel Wire Mesh China Exporter , let's teach you how to properly select Monel K-500 Wire Mesh and Nickel 200 Alloy Wire Mesh.

The correct way to select Monel screen and nickel chrome screen :

1. Selection of materials:

Monel wire mesh and nickel chrome wire mesh are all special wire mesh types. The material properties of Monel wire mesh and nickel chrome wire mesh are different. For example, Monel wire mesh is a corrosion resistant wire. Net, generally available in Monel 400 Wire Mesh, Monel K-500 Wire Mesh , etc., while nickel chrome mesh is a high temperature resistant wire mesh with excellent elongation, compressive strength, surface finish, oxidation resistance, sulfur resistance , resistance to permeability, etc., generally nickel-chromium mesh materials are Cr20Ni80, Cr15Ni60, Cr20Ni35, Cr20Ni30 and so on. All customers must choose the most cost-effective Monel wire mesh material and nickel chrome mesh material according to actual requirements.

2. Selection of specifications:

Monel screen and nickel-chromium screen specifications should be selected according to the customer's specific requirements. Some customers have certain requirements on the size and size of the wire, which should be produced according to the specific specifications. Otherwise, it will be serious. Affect the use of customers.

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