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What Are The Effects Of Iron On Titanium Mesh?

Mar. 21, 2019

When the titanium oxide film on the surface of the stain is mechanically damaged, when Titanium Wire Mesh and iron are touched, the titanium oxide net regenerates hydrogen, destroying the oxide film of the titanium mesh, not only causing hydrogen embrittlement of the titanium mesh, but also accelerating the corrosion of the titanium mesh. This is due to the high activity of the titanium mesh on hydrogen. Hydrogen enters the metal, and according to the conditions of temperature and pressure, the hydrogen is dispersed correspondingly, which causes the titanium mesh to have different degrees of hydrogen embrittlement. Titanium mesh is therefore used in medium temperature and medium pressure and hydrogen containing systems to prevent surface iron contamination.

Effect of salt solution on titanium mesh Titanium mesh has excellent corrosion resistance to most salt solutions. For example, titanium mesh is more resistant to corrosion than high chromium nickel steel in chloride solution and has no pitting corrosion. Titanium has good crevice corrosion resistance. Under normal circumstances, the titanium mesh does not have pitting corrosion.

Titanium mesh also has corrosion resistance and stability. However, the corrosion rate is higher in aluminum trichloride, which is related to the occurrence of concentrated hydrochloric acid after hydrolysis of aluminum trichloride. Titanium mesh also has excellent stability to hot sodium chlorite and various concentrations of hypochlorite. Therefore, titanium mesh is widely used in vacuum salt making and bleaching fines.

Effect of Alkaline Solution on Titanium Mesh Titanium mesh has excellent corrosion resistance to most alkaline solutions. Tianium Alloy Wire Mesh is relatively stable in sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide solutions with concentrations less than 50%. If the alkali solution contains chloride ions or chlorides, its corrosion resistance even exceeds the nickel mesh and zirconium mesh. Therefore, the titanium mesh is used to make the titanium membrane anode of the ion-exchange membrane electrolysis cell. The operation principle of the electrolytic cell electrolysis is electrolytic pure brine, which produces sodium hydroxide, and the highly corrosive solution of sodium hydroxide contains high concentration of chloride ions.

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