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The Surface Representation Of Titanium Wire Mesh

Aug. 30, 2018

Titanium has a corrosive solution with light specific gravity, high strength, low temperature resistance, super acid resistance and super alkali resistance, and is not easy to be oxidized. It is widely used in ion-exchange membrane electrolyzers, electrodes, aerospace, shipbuilding, military, chemical machinery, Electricity, desalination and other aspects.

The surface of Titanium Wire Mesh is divided into:

(1) Black surface, black titanium mesh is suitable for ships, seawater filtration and other industries where the purity of the solution is not high. This is the most common and the most stock in stock.

(2) The surface is bright and has no oxide layer, and the bright surface is suitable for manufacturing electrode titanium mesh, titanium mesh for fine chemical filtration, and titanium mesh for battery current collection.

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