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What Is The Working Principle Of Titanium Wire Mesh Demister?

Sep. 12, 2018

The Titanium Wire Mesh Demister refers to the entrainment of a large amount of liquid in the secondary steam during the evaporation operation. Although separation is carried out in the separation chamber, in order to prevent loss of useful products or contamination of the condensed liquid, it is also necessary to reduce the entrained liquid foam. Therefore, a defoaming device is provided near the steam outlet.

When the misty gas rises through the screen at a constant speed, the mist collides with the screen filament and adheres to the surface of the filament due to the inertia of the rising mist. The diffusion of mist on the surface of the filament and the gravity sedimentation of the mist cause the droplets to form larger droplets along the filament to the junction of the two filaments. The wettability of the filaments, the surface tension of the liquid, and the capillary action of the filaments make the droplets larger and larger until the collected droplets are so large that their own generated gravity exceeds the combined force of the gas's rising force and the liquid surface tension. At this point, the droplets fall off the filament. After the gas passes through the wire mesh demister, it is substantially free of mist. Separating the mist in the gas to improve operating conditions, optimize process specifications, reduce equipment corrosion, extend equipment life, increase processing capacity and recover valuable materials, protect the environment, and reduce air pollution. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, high defoaming efficiency, small resistance, light weight, convenient installation, operation and maintenance, and the mesh demister has a collection efficiency of 98%-99.8% for the mist having a particle size of ≥3~5um, and The pressure drop of the gas through the demister is very small, only 250-500Pa, which is beneficial to increase the production efficiency of the equipment.

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