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Titanium Wire Mesh Is Corrosion Resistant

Jul. 11, 2018

Titanium Wire Mesh is a kind of filter mesh made of pure titanium wire square hole. The pure titanium wire will be coated with brushed graphite coating during cold drawing. The first one can ensure the uniform diameter of pure titanium wire and the tolerance is small. It is the lubrication mold to improve the production efficiency. The third is that the brushed graphite emulsion is very tightly combined with the pure titanium wire substrate. The coating thickness is about 20 microns. When the titanium mesh with the brushed graphite emulsion coating is used in seawater, the coating is applied. It can effectively isolate the titanium mesh from contact with seawater and prevent seawater from corroding the titanium mesh. It can be said that the graphite emulsion coating gives the titanium mesh better corrosion resistance in seawater and improves its service life.

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