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Titanium Alloy

Material Characteristics:

Titanium alloy is a important structural metal. It has been used to many fields since its high strength, outstanding cryogenic property superb corrosion resistance and good heat resistance. The density of the titanium alloy is about 4.51g/cm³,and it is just the 60% of the steel. 

The density of pure titanium is close to the steels, some high strength titanium alloy better than structural alloy steel in strength, and after heat treatment, the tensile strength could reach 1200-1400MPa. In low-temperature and ultralow temperature environment, Titanium alloy still keep its mechanical property; for example, TA7 in temperature of -253℃ still has certain plasticity. 

Working in the Humid atmosphere and sea water, the corrosion resistance of titanium alloy is far superior to stainless steel. It strongly resist to pitting, acid etching and stress corrosion; also, titanium alloy has excellent resistance to corrosion of alkali, chloride, chloride organic matters, Nitric acid, Sulfuric acid etc. High purity titanium, in the Corrosive medium, will generate a layer of oxide film, which is compact, strong adhesive and inertness, on the surface, and it called passivation phenomenon. Titanium alloy will keep the required strength in the temperature of 150-500℃, however, the specific strength of aluminium alloy will dramatic decline when the temperature get 150℃ or higher.

Major Grades:

Commercial pure titanium: A1, TA2, TA3, TA4; Titanium alloy: TA9, TA10, TC4, TC6

Type of Duplex Stainless Steel Wire Mesh:

Weave Mesh

Weave MethodsMesh Count (per inch)Wire Diameter (mm)Roll Width (m)
Plain Weave10×10mesh-100×100mesh0.7mm-0.08mm1m-5m
Twill Weave20×20mesh-200×200mesh0.6mm-0.05mm1m-2m
Bamboo Mat Type Weave (Dutch Wire Mesh)8×45mesh-165×800mesh0.63mm-0.05mm1m-2m
Crimped Weave0.1×0.1mesh-20×20mesh20mm-0.5mm1m-5m

Perforated Metal

Customized according to customer requirements.


Titanium wire mesh is mainly used for oil filtration, High temperature screen, shipbuilding, Chemical filter, Mechanical filter element, Electromagnetic shielding network, Sea water desalination filter, Heat treatment mesh of High temperature furnace, food processing,  Medicine filtering, military industry manufacture etc.


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