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Yinkeneier Nicker Alloy

Nickel 200:

Commercial pure nickel, it has the outstanding mechanical property and corrosion resistance. It also has the high heat conductivity and electroconductibility and low gas content and vapor pressure. It excellently resist to corrosion of hot concentrated alkaline solution, and it also resists to the corrosion of alkaline solution and neutral solution medium of carbonate, oxide, nitrate, acetate, etc. It resists to corrosion of aliphatic acid. The resistance to oxidation of Nickel is very good; in the air, the surface of Nickel will generate a layer of NiO film, and it will stop the further oxidation of it. Nickel strongly resists to the caustic alkali; in the 50% boiling caustic soda solution, the corrosion rate of the Nickel won’t exceed 25 micron. Its strength and plasticity are pretty good, it is able to bear the press working. It mainly apply to the alkali making industry, chlor-alkali chemical industry, production of organic chloride, food processing industry, high temperature halogen and salt corrosion environment, water treatment etc.

Major Grades:

Nickel 200, Nickel 201

Rare-Precious Metal:

Some of the rare-precious metals and their alloys can be used to produce wire mesh since they are corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant. They are Silver (Ag), Gold (Au), Zirconium (Zr), Platinum (Pt), Niobium (Nb), Tantalum (Ta), Ruthenium (Ru), Tungsten (W), Molybdenum (Mo), Platinum(Pt)-Rhodium(Rh)-Palladium(Pd) alloy etc.

* Type and specification of the rare-precious metal wire mesh will be customized according customer’s requirements.

Nickel Wire Mesh:

Weave Mesh

Weave MethodsMesh Count (per inch)Wire Diameter (mm)Roll Width (m)
Plain Weave5×5mesh-200×200mesh1.5mm-0.04mm1m-2m for all mesh2m-8m for10×10 mesh-100×100mesh
Twill Weave20×20mesh-500×500mesh0.5mm-0.018mm1m-2m
Bamboo Mat Type Weave (Dutch Wire Mesh)8×45mesh-325×2300mesh0.63mm-0.025mm1m-2m
Crimped Weave0.1×0.1mesh-20×20mesh20mm-0.4mm1m-5m

Perforated Metal

Customized according to customer requirements.

Welded wire mesh

Customized according to customer requirements.


Nickel wire mesh is mainly used for fluid filtration and granule sieving in the industries below:

● Petroleum refining industry; 

● Petrochemistry and chimerical industry; 

● Oil and gas industry; 

● Sewage disposal system; 

● Pulp and paper industry; 

● Fertilizer industry; 

● Food processing industry; 

● Aerospace industry; 

● Automobile and Shipbuilding industry industry; 

● Precision machine tool industry


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